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'A Continuum of Healthcare Services'  Est. 1966
Grey Line
Grey Line
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Rachel Wilson
Rachel Wilson
Director of Nursing
Member of Prairie View Campus Team Since 5/17

The largest department within Prairie View Campus is our nursing department, making up approximately 50% of our staff. Professional Registered Nurses (RN’s), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s) and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s) deliver 24 hour care seven days a week to our residents with the highest degree of professionalism, kindness and respect.

Providing direct hands on care to our residents by assisting them with their need for medication administration, wound care, restorative therapy, and assistance with daily tasks such as getting dressed, brushing their teeth or using the restroom is a key part of the daily care from our nursing department. Prairie View is proud of the fact that several of our employees have been employed here for over 20+ years! This demonstrates how dedicated they are to providing the best care possible to our residents, as they aren’t just another resident they become our “grandparents” and friends.

The nurses at Prairie View are very aware of the health conditions of residents and communicate any/and all changes to their physician and family. Our nurses are the eyes and ears for our physicians. Several physicians do monthly rounds at Prairie View, but for day to day care our professional nurses are the ones who notice the little things that change and catch them before they become significant. This communication is vital in our effort to deliver the best possible care to our residents.

Restorative Therapy
Prairie View is very proud of our extensive restorative therapy program. Unlike many nursing homes, we provide restorative therapy 7 days a week.

Upon admission our residents are evaluated by a licensed Physical Therapist (PT) who sets up an appropriate individualized restorative therapy program specifically for them. We have four Certified Nursing Assistants who are trained in providing the therapy to the resident as specified by the PT.

The therapy programs vary from person to person, but can include anything from walking set distances down the hall to using resistant bands or even a ride on the Nu-Step.

Our therapy room has several pieces of equipment to aide us in delivering the best possible therapeutic programs to our residents. Here at Prairie View we understand the importance of being able to do certain tasks on your own, that’s why we strive to not only enable our residents to continue to do things for themselves, but maybe even help them do more than they could when they first moved into the facility.

Stacey Dagel
Social Service Coordinator
Member of Prairie View Campus Team Since 9/97
Social Services

Moving into a nursing home, assisted living, special care unit or even an independent living apartment is an adjustment for not only for the new resident, but many times family members as well. That is where social services comes in. Our social worker is able to spend time with our residents, tenants and family members as they go through this adjustment. Specially trained in relating to the social aspects of individuals they are able to offer advice, support and contact information to help the adjustment go a little bit smoother.

Prairie View Campus is proud of the fact that we have a full time licensed Social Service Coordinator as part of our team. This allows us the ability to assist with everything from fulfilling a room change request to assistance with a Title XIX application on a routine basis. The Social Worker is also a part of the Quality Assurance team assisting in resolving any concerns that may arise during a resident’s stay at the home.

As more and more of our residents come to the campus for a brief stay to recover or perhaps spend the winter, the social worker also assists with the discharging process of our cliental back to their home or another location.

The Social Service Coordinator is always available to listen or help in many ways with the many different aspects of living within our facilities. Be it answering questions about power of attorney paperwork, Medicare Part D plans, Long Term Care Insurance or how to purchase medical equipment, they are very knowledgeable in many areas.


The social life of our residents here at Prairie View Campus is amazing! From exercise to bingo to happy hour there is always something going on.

The activity department is made up of energetic, fun gals who set-up and conduct activities to reach the highest level of participation from our residents as possible. In Prairie View Home there are wooden display cases down three halls that display each day’s activities along with the resident & employee birthdays for the week and any resident anniversaries. Individual activities are set up for each building on the campus, but all residents and tenants can attend ANY of the activities throughout the campus.

In 1975 a 1,260 sq. ft. addition was added to the original building and was designated as the multi-purpose room, this is the location of most of the activities. A monthly activity calendar is created and hung in each resident’s/tenant’s room and attached as a link on our website Click here to download a copy of the monthly activity calendar.

The need for scheduled activities in our resident’s lives is crucial in the balance of good health and happiness. The activity department makes a special attempt to learn each individual resident’s likes, interests & hobbies in an effort to create a variety of activity programs that appeal to a large number of residents. For individuals whose physical abilities limit their participation to many of the events, we have one-on-one visits along with small group activities.

An individuals spiritual beliefs run strong and true to the very end of their time here on earth. Prairie View does an exceptional job at providing daily prayers, weekly bible studies and different services every Sunday. We also have many of our residents and tenants whom go out with family or friends to attend Sunday services at their local church and throughout the week there are several clergy whom stop and visit members of their congregation.

Rick Maranell
Rick Maranell
Maintenance Supervisor
Member of Prairie View Campus Team Since 8/89

Our maintenance team is made up some great guys! Constantly on the go these guys do it all from hanging up resident pictures to mowing the grounds or fixing a troubled toilet. Maintaining the upkeep and operations of all the buildings & equipment for the whole campus, these guys very rarely have a slow day and are the jack of many trades.

Kelley Fiedler
Kelley Fiedler
Laundry Supervisor
Member of Prairie View Campus Team Since 5/12
The laundry services available at Prairie View Campus vary depending on which complex you reside at.

Prairie View Manor
Tenants at Prairie View Manor are set up to have their laundry done one day a week. This day is assigned to them when they move in. Linens, towels and personal laundry are all able to be laundered by the staff. Light ironing is available and both services are included in the monthly rent.

Prairie View Inn
Tenants at Prairie View Inn are also assigned a specific day of the week to have their laundry done. Linens, towels and personal laundry are all able to be laundered by the staff. Light ironing is also available or the tenant can do it them self. All laundry services are included within the monthly room rate.

Prairie View Home
Residents of Prairie View Home have their personal laundry done daily Monday through Friday. All linens and towels are provided by the facility, but we can also wash a personal blanket if need be.


>Colleen Bobzien
Colleen Bobzien
Housekeeping Supervisor
Member of Prairie View Campus Team Since 1/97
The housekeeping services available at Prairie View Campus vary depending on which complex you reside at.

Prairie View Manor
Housekeeping services are not included in the monthly rent; however we have the contact information of several local housekeepers whom can be hired to address your housekeeping needs.

Prairie View Inn
Tenants at Prairie View Inn are assigned a specific day of the week to have their housekeeping done. This service is included in all of the Tenant’s monthly rent no matter what their level of care is. Our staff will come in weekly and scrub the toilet, bathroom sink and shower along with sweeping and mopping the bathroom floor. They also clean the kitchenette area of each apartment, lightly dust the window frames and finish with a good vacuuming. Daily bed making is available, but not included in the monthly fee.

Prairie View Home
Housekeeping is done at Prairie View Home on a daily basis. Services include dusting, sweeping, mopping, disinfecting, garbage removal & lots of in-betweens. On Saturday & Sundays the bathroom areas and garbage are the only two areas that get addressed. The housekeeping department also does deep cleaning which includes removing everything from the room and waxing the floors, cleaning the furniture and all the regular duties. This is scheduled to get done on approximately a quarterly basis.

Our outstanding housekeeping department is also responsible for one of the most important things about our facility, YOUR first impression when you walk through the door. How do we look? Are there any odors? Are things clean, tidy and organized? You bet they are, because of our awesome housekeepers!

Tiffany Schimmer
Tiffany Schimmer
Dietary Supervisor
Member of Prairie View Campus Team Since 12/18
Dining at Prairie View Campus is anything but boring. Although there are a few variations between the different complexes, they all offer many choices not only what to eat, but when as well.

Prairie View Manor
The Manor offers two delicious homemade meals a day along with a continental breakfast. Homemade pies from scratch and salads like mom used to make are a common thing at the meals at the Manor. They also enjoy broasted chicken from Jay’s every other Sunday. Oh and don’t forget the coffee and homemade goodies to snack on every afternoon.

Prairie View Inn
Meals at Prairie View Inn are a great example of how we try to keep everything like it was at home. Tenants are able to eat when they want and what they want.

Each meal time runs for a least an hour, so if you want to sleep in or get busy you are still going to get a delicious hot meal made to order. Breakfast is made to order for each Tenant as they arrive in the dining room. From fried eggs to oatmeal and everything in-between our Tenants never leave hungry. Lunch and supper are prepared at the nursing home, but served at the Inn. Earlier in the day each tenant chooses their meal from a choice menu made up of at least 3 meal choices; a main meal, a grill of the day & a soup and sandwich of the day. Homemade muffins, salads and dessert are served with every meal. Made special for the Inn tenants every week, they even use some of the Tenants recipes from home.

Prairie View Home
A dedicated group of employees deliver three delicious meals a day to our residents of Prairie View Home.

Incorporating what we call a restaurant style of dining our residents are able to choose from at least three choices every meal. Breakfast always offers choices of both hot and cold meals ranging from French toast and bacon to oatmeal to a bowl of rice crispies. Lunch and supper have three meal choices as well; a main meal, a grill of the day and a soup & sandwich of the day. An example of a main meal would be roast beef-mashed potatoes w/gravy-corn & bread. An example of a grill of the day would be a cheeseburger with a side of onion rings, and an example of the soup and sandwich of the day would be a bowl of tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich. Tenants and residents also get to choose from at least three salads and desserts at lunch & supper!

The dietary department has also incorporated a dessert cart of the week offering at least 4 different variety of dessert or an ice-cream sundae bar. We also have a dining room hostess who oversees the daily rythym of the dining room experience making sure every resident's requests are met. She arranges special meals of the month which vary from home made omelets made to order, muffin days, homemade pizza pies or a catered in meal from a local eatery.

A large variety of beverages are also offered at each meal, snack time and any time in between. If you have a craving or hunger we have a snack for that!

Oh and don’t forget the endless coffee pot in each complex’s lobby, its always on for our residents, families & visitors to enjoy!

Robin VanMeeteren
Accounting Manager
Member of Prairie View Campus Team Since 7/06

In an effort to keep costs low Prairie View Campus does the majority of its daily, monthly & yearly office work in-house. Everything from payroll and employee benefits to accounts receivable and accounts payable to resident trust funds and resident billing are completed under the direction of our outstanding accounting manager.

For security and complexity reasons the facility uses a third party for the submission of Medicare & Medicaid billings. Open Monday through Friday from 7:30AM-4:00PM, Robin is always available for any billing questions that may arise.







Macey Friedrichsen
Macey Friedrichsen
Human Resource Manager
Member of Prairie View Campus Team Since 5/19

The largest employer in Sanborn, Prairie View Campus Human Resource department is a very busy one. Employing on average 125 employees, Macey is the glue that holds it all together. Coordinating everything from running ads for employment opportunities to conducting new employee orientations, she is one of the key individuals in selecting the top individuals to fill our positions.

Although hiring and orientation are Macey’s main focus she also spends her days greeting people at the front desk, answering phones and directing your calls, representing our facility at various job fairs in the area and many other duties as assigned.






Naomi Walters
Naomi Walters
Director Prairie View Manor
Member of Prairie View Campus Team Since 6/98
Director of Prairie View Manor

Naomi has worked at Prairie View Campus on several levels over the years; in the kitchen, as a certified nursing assistant and now as the Director of the campus' independent living, Prairie View Manor.

Naomi is at the facility on Monday's, Wednesdays and Fridays, but available 24/7 for any need the Tenant's, employees or families of Prairie View Manor that may arise. She is responsible for the overall operations of the Manor from scheduling staff to conducting an activity to purchasing groceries or giving a tour of the complex and everything in between.






Ashley Sampson
Ashley Sampson
RN Program Coordinator of Prairie View Inn
Member of Prairie View Campus Team Since 10/21
RN Program Coordinator of Prairie View Inn

Ashley is not only the Director of Prairie View Inn, our campuses assisted living complex, but she is the RN Program Coordinator as well. Overseeing the daily operations of the complex, she coordinates everything from the staff schedule, to creating monthly checklists, picking up some groceries or giving tours of the facility.

As the RN Program Coordinator she is responsible for the service plans and assessments of our tenants which are required by regulations along with communicating with tenant’s physicians and families about their health care needs and changes. A lady with several different hats on, Ashley brings not only numerous years of experience, but a genuine caring mannerism as well.






Wendy Nelson
Member of Prairie View Campus Team Since 2/05
Overseeing the overall operations of all of Prairie View Campus’s facilities, Wendy rarely has a repetitive day. As several of the complexes are licensed or certified by the state and federal government, Wendy assures that the facilities are in substantial compliance and that all of the tenants and residents needs are being met at the highest standards possible.

On an average day the administrator can complete everything from a scheduled staff meeting, assisting a family with various paperwork, marketing the facility, completing Medicare paperwork, coordinating the monthly board meeting, assisting her department heads with various situations or even fixing a residents broken toilet. She is also the individual who submits and completes our tenants and residents long term care policies each month.