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Grey Line
Grey Line
610 N. Eastern Street | Sanborn, Iowa 51248 | 712-930-3228 |
Foundation of Excellence
Foundation of Excellence is Prairie View Campus' philanthropic fund that accepts tax deductible donations and uses them to enhance the environment of Prairie View Campus.

Being a 503c organization Prairie View is able to accept generous tax deductible gifts from individuals wanting to thank the facility for such great care their loved one receives(ed) or simply to give back to the residents of the facilities.

Each year a mailing is mailed out seeking donations from past, present and hopefully, new donors. Within the mailings are brochures outlining some of the priority projects the campus is working on for the current year. Some projects run at a higher expense than others and may take several years to complete.

The brochures also explain the different levels that have been established to recognize our donors' past & future generosities. Individual donors as well as memorials will be recognized based upon a five-tier cumulative donation structure, which allows for achieving higher recognition with continual giving. The five levels are as follows:

Diamond Level$25,000 & Up
Platinum Level$10,000-$24,999
Gold Level$5,000-$9,999
Silver Level$1,000-$4,999
Bronze Level$100-$999

To recognize individuals whom have generously donated to the foundation a "Foundation of Excellence" board was created to acknowledge these contributions. A plaque is placed in the according level based on the donations received.

The facility has also created an "In Memoriam" wall located in our main social room of Prairie View Home. Trying to capture a unique way to remember residents whom have passed away and generously donated to the facility, we ask the donating family for a picture of their loved one who received the care. We then create a black and white copy, frame it and put it up for display. It really is neat to walk by and remember all the neat residents we have had the opportunity to care for. There is a minimum of a $100 donation to appear on this wall.

If interested in donating to the Foundation of Excellence contact Wendy at (712) 930-3228.
Again all donations are tax deductible.

Diamond Level $25,000 and Up

Platinum Level $10,000-$24,999

Gold Level $5,000-$9,999

Silver Level $1,000-$4,999

Bronze Level $100-$999