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Grey Line
Grey Line
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“Oh, how pleasant not only for family but for Mom who is living here in the Villa. It certainly can be scary when first making a life change of independence to dependence. Surroundings are unfamiliar and are all new however, this administration and staff have truly made this a home environment for our loved one. Caregivers go out of their way to bring a calm and friendly atmosphere. The activities help stimulate communication and that adds to a peaceful environment. Prairie View Campus,… Thank you as you have become a second family.”
Sue Donnellan & Sheri Simm
Kuiper Villa
Kuiper Villa was added to Prairie View Home in 1999. A tremendous effort was made to research Dementia and specifically Alzheimer's disease when developing plans for this new addition. The facility wanted to provide a calm, relaxing, soothing & efficient environment for individuals suffering from these diseases.

The "Villa", as it is often referred to, is designed, colored, lit and decorated with dementia in mind. Certain colors affect individuals with dementia differently, a lot like the rest of us. You may also be surprised to know that lighting has a lot to do with moods and behaviors as shadows can create unwanted stress to an individual with Dementia. Thresholds or patterns on the floor are frustrating as well and often walking the halls is a daily routine for them.

Our special care unit consists of 16 private rooms, a dining area, whirlpool room, social area and a gorgeous enclosed courtyard with a walk path.

The resident's rooms consist of a bed, dresser, nightstand, chair, built in shelf, closet and an open bathroom area. The bathroom area is open as research has shown individuals suffering from dementia have trouble remembering that there is something beyond a closed door, so if they can visually see the toilet and sink they will use them. If a resident has a favorite chair or wants to use their personal dresser & nightstand that's great! We also encourage bringing in older family pictures, homemade quilts or afghans and any other items from their past that helps make their room a home.

Our enclosed courtyard area is a must see. A large open area complete with landscaping, gazebo, garden area, benches & chickens. Yes, I said chickens. We raised them in the spring of 2008 and they've stay with us ever since, except when they take their winter vacation to a local farm. The area is perfect to take in a sunny afternoon with a cool breeze in your face or a stroll around to get some exercise.

Individuals who reside at Kuiper Villa have unique needs and characteristics. We staff the Villa with two certified nurse aides, one nurse and an activity assistant. With up to 16 residents this creates an average of a 1 to 8 staffing ratio. Everyone who works in the Villa, from the nurses to the dietary staff, receives special training on Alzheimer's/Dementia. The training not only explains the disease, but also how to re-direct, sooth and interact with individuals whom suffer from it.

Activities that take place in the Villa are based on the abilities of our residents in the Villa. They do a lot of singing, exercises, baking, reminiscing, trivia and spelling bees. It's amazing how good they are with trivia and spelling. The activity staff offers a flexible, interest-based activity schedule with plenty of time for one-to-one interaction and quiet time.

Kuiper Villa is best described as one big family. The consistent staff develops a unique bond with our residents and families that is not only a positive, but very comforting as well.